GOM Player

GOM Player

Feature-rich media player with support for the most popular codecs and formats

There are dozens of free media players and then there’s GOM Player. Apart from the obvious video and audio playback capabilities, this absolutely free player offers you a plethora of other functions that rival the most comprehensive media players, such as VLC. It supports all the most popular media codecs, and – among other interesting features – searches for any other codec not present in its built-in library.

Wrapped up in an elegant playback interface, GOM Player can play back any AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, or FLV video file, as well as any FLAC, MP3, WAV, Ogg, or M4A audio content, among many other formats and codecs, including 360 degrees videos. As a bonus, if you happen to want to watch or listen to a media file whose codec is missing from its 50+ built-in codec library, the player will look for the right one on the Web for you. When it comes to subtitles, GOM can deal with any SRT, SUB, RT, or SMI file, and – if needed – it will help you to locate the right subtitles file by browsing the extensive OpenSubtitles.org collection. The way subtitles are displayed is completely configurable in terms of font, size, color, position, spacing, etc.

Actually, nearly everything is fully customizable in GOM Player to guarantee that the playback experience meets all your preferences. The video settings available will let you configure the screen size, the aspect ratio, the possibility to add video effects, as well as the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue of the displayed image. As for the audio, not only you can define the output device or the output channel to be used, but you can also normalize the audio level and even equalize it using either useful presets or manually by tweaking the program’s graphical audio equalizer.

GOM Player includes some less common features that surely make it stand out from the rest of its competitors. Thus, it includes a screen capture functionality, playback speed control (without affecting the pitch), and accessibility features. This is not something you will find easily in any similar tool, at least not in a free one. This player includes support for TTS (Text-To-Speech) engines, which will allow you to select any synthetic voice installed on your system and read aloud to blind and visually impaired users any subtitles present in the video stream. Alternatively, these subtitles can also be displayed as window tiles.

All these extra features, together with the smooth and seamless playback experience it offers, make GOM Player the free media player that will cover all your media playback needs, in exactly the way you want them and with the exact type of media files you wish to watch or listen to.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Resizes the screen automatically according to the video size
  • TTS-based accessibility features
  • Audio equalizer
  • Playlist support
  • Codec search functionality
  • Video and audio effects


  • No drawbacks found during the review
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