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GOM player flies miles over the other multimedia players
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Gretech Corporation

GOM player is a free user-friendly video player that has enough power to play most known multimedia formats with ease. With all of its features easily accessible through a context menu, everything is a right-click away.
With support for most video and audio formats in it, GOM player will hardly ask you to install codecs. It will play broken files and will skip the frames that are missing or damaged. The learning curve for GOM player is not very steep. It will take you a few minutes to learn how to use it.
Its sleek design and compactness give it an edge over the competition. It can easily replace well known media players such as the built in Windows Media Player by Microsoft. It has most common features built into it such as media streaming from the internet and the ability to show subtitles wherever they are available. Like most media players it is skin-able so that you can feel comfortable while watching a video. The most used features have shortcuts, such as F12 to play from a movie CD/DVD drive.

With its pleasant interface and a ton of features, it flies miles over the other multimedia players.

Fabian Enos
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  • It is free and plays most video files with ease as It has most codecs to play them
  • It has a sleek design that makes it very user-friendly


  • It connects to the internet at startup which is completely unasked for
  • The next and the previous buttons on the main window do not skip to the next file but instead fast forwards the currently playing file by a few seconds
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