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Feature-rich media player with support for the most popular codecs and formats
Guest #41744371 — Last year
Smart player.
Guest #33266307 — 3 years ago
This is still one of my favorite.
Aashit Sable — 3 years ago
The new UI is Beautiful. But start-up takes some time.
Guest #22179970 — 6 years ago
erdal — 6 years ago
cylon — 6 years ago
Best video player
Shohom — 6 years ago
Vv — 7 years ago
It's my main media player.
janjala — 7 years ago
Great for watching movies while downloading
Guest — 7 years ago
very simple, beautiful and easy to use
zeynel — 7 years ago
Very nice program
Guest — 7 years ago
Plays most of the files
Guest — 7 years ago
It is a great video player
Guest — 8 years ago
Good program
Denis — 8 years ago
The best for mkv
Guest — 8 years ago
it can easily to increase the size of the film and more effort sound
balus — 8 years ago
It plays all most any video with easy adjustments and can stretch the video.
Guest — 8 years ago
looking nice
Emil Olandria — 8 years ago
good player
Guest — 8 years ago
Very convienient and user friendly.
nuni911 — 8 years ago
I am using it for watching videos and its very good as will its work wih many ext.
Guest — 8 years ago
super /working properly/ easy to use /open all files
Guest — 8 years ago
nice user interface
NOFATCHX — 8 years ago
Best media Player!
M.sharif — 8 years ago
good software
Guest — 8 years ago
its awesome
Guest — 8 years ago
because i use it
Guest — 8 years ago
mukit — 8 years ago
awesome player
Firenze — 8 years ago
It is pretty cool.
kichakicha — 8 years ago
Best Player ever :)
Guest — 8 years ago
very good
Quijotano — 8 years ago
fast and reliable
titas — 8 years ago
good one
Marko Sučić — 8 years ago
One of the best
Guest — 9 years ago
The best video player
Levani — 9 years ago
its the best video player
Guest — 9 years ago
very good
Wilmer Blanco — 9 years ago
Very Good!
Barry Ward — 9 years ago
Everthing you need for a video/media player.
Guest — 9 years ago
nice voice
Guest — 9 years ago
i like it
Guest — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
Great player i have ever used
shane palfrey — 9 years ago
very good video player
Guest — 9 years ago
have few problems whit the codecs search more is the best player i have see.
123 — 9 years ago
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